[Vm-dev] [Cog] reproducable crash with SmallInteger as methods

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 16:27:09 UTC 2010

Hi Eliot. Today I can reproduce a do-it that crash Cog, when using
SmallIntegers as compiled methods. The problem is actually that IT ONLY
crashes when compiling in XCode with "Development". However, if I compile
with "Deployment", it doesn't crash....

The code is this:

SmallInteger compile: 'flushCache "emtpy"'.
SmallInteger compile: 'run: aSelector with: arguments in: aReceiver
    Transcript show: ''something''.'.
TestCase compile: 'foo  ^ ''foo'' '.

TestCase methodDict at: #foo put: 5.
TestCase new foo.

I really don't understand how this can work in "Deployment" but not in
"Development" since the code is the same as I know. Maybe when debugging
certain functions/methods are called that crash?

Thanks for any tip.

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