[Vm-dev] Mars, stuck on callbacks (again)... need opinions

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 19:35:37 UTC 2010

Hi guys, 
I'm doing some "advance callbacks" for Mars, and I'm having several problems with table renderers (they are called A LOT of times and needs to be efficient). The ObjectiveCBridge is not as efficient as that calls needs to be executed, and well... I was planing to spend some time on this, trying to see how can I improve the callback velocity. And then a question came to my mind: 

do I spend time improving current ObjectiveCBridge implementation... or I better use Alien and migrate everything to it?

some context: 

1) it was always planned to "sonner or latter" migrate the ObjectiveCBridge stuff to alien (there is another . 
2) Alien is not working -yet- for iPhone. It is planned (bah... it is "thought") to run Alien in iPhoneVM too. 
3) Alien callback implementation is a lot cleaner than the current ObjectiveCBridge implementation (which relies on both sides semaphores, when alien callbacks relies on "image ownership")

So... it will delay a little a release of Mars? sure it will... but in the long way it will be better. 

I would like to hear your opinions,


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