[Vm-dev] how to print/inspect stuff with XCode?

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Sat Dec 25 18:53:07 UTC 2010

Hi guys. While debugging the VM with XCode, I sometime feel really stupid.
Uhhh, sorry, happy Christmats ;)
I cannot inspect values or do things. Maybe I am so used to Smalltalk that I
am asking too much to C.

So, for example I have this code:

    if (! ( (  (usqInt) addr  ) <=  (   (usqInt) GIV(fwdTableNext) )   ))

And I have a breakpoint on the print. I can see the value of fwdTableNext
or addr. But how can I inspect for example, "GIV(fwdTableNext)" ?  or "(
(usqInt) GIV(fwdTableNext) )" ?
I mean...how can I inspect the result of calling certain functions to such
variables?  can I do that?  if I cannot, how it is expected I can debug that
for example?  (assing each result to another variable ans inspect that?)

I tried using the the expressions browser, but everything I add says "out of

Thanks in advance,

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