[Vm-dev] microsecond timing for GC work

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Mon Jan 18 18:20:07 UTC 2010

The incremental GC delta counter returns values like 181 microseconds on os-x for me. 

On 2010-01-18, at 10:02 AM, David T. Lewis wrote:

> This all looks reasonable to me.
> The unix implementation is presumably straightforward. Windows is using
> GetTickCount() for ioMSecs(), so very likely it would be sufficient to
> use GetTickCount() * 1000 for ioMicroSeconds().
> As a sanity check though - I'm not sure that any of the platforms can
> actually measure a time resolution to accuracy greater than 1 msec.
> You may not be getting any practical benefit from reporting time to a
> precision greater than this.
> Dave

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