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Apologies, accidentally posted to squeak-dev instead of vm-dev.

   - A.

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Folks -

I think that one of the more clever hacks I did for the Android VM
deserves proper generalization in the Interpreter. Since on Android the
image is part of the (compressed) application package it's not easily
possible to pass a file handle into the VM and have the VM read the
image as an external file.

Instead, I'm preloading the image file into memory and then hacked an
implementation of the sqImageFile* and sqAlloc* functions that would
basically operate on the image in memory. I think we should formalize
this idea for two reasons:

a) It allows preloading the image into memory on platforms where the
image may not be in an external file.

b) It trivially allows mmap()ing the entire image into memory (I think
John does that on the iPhone).

What I'm proposing is an additional VM entry point, called

   Interpreter>>readImageFromHeap: heapStart size: heapSize

which takes to arguments: The pointer to the beginning of the
(pre-allocated) memory portion where the image file has been loaded or
mapped and a size for the allocated memory portion. The VM then assumes
that beginning at heapStart there is an image provided that it needs to
properly prepare (i.e., perform byte-reversal, pointer adjustment etc).

The VMs would generally use this along the lines of:

   memStart = self malloc(heapSize);
   fread(imageFile, memStart, fsize(imageFile));
   readImageFromHeapSize(memStart, heapSize);

and of course a backwards compatible version of
readImageFromFile:HeapSize:StartingAt: could do the same (although I'd
rather drop that function altogether since it removes the need for
supporting various sqImageFile* functions).

I'd also say that the same pattern should be used for *writing* image
files, that is we assemble the entire image in memory then call
sqImageFileWrite(fileName, heapStart, heapSize) and sqImageFileWrite is
really just a combo of fopen(); fwrite(); fclose();

I think this scheme is much nicer, less complicated and offers more
options for implementing image loading than what we currently have.


   - Andreas

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