[Vm-dev] Set and get values from the VM AND the image

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Mon May 10 14:33:18 UTC 2010

Hi folks. I need to intercept all messages. For such purpose, I modified
Interpreter >> normalSend like this:

    "Send a message, starting lookup with the receiver's class."
    "Assume: messageSelector and argumentCount have been set, and that
    the receiver and arguments have been pushed onto the stack,"
    "Note: This method is inlined into the interpreter dispatch loop."
    | rcvr |
    self inline: true.
    self sharedCodeNamed: 'normalSend' inCase: 131.
    rcvr := self internalStackValue: argumentCount.
    (self isIntegerObject:  rcvr)
        ifFalse: [
            self doSomething: rcvr.
    lkupClass := self fetchClassOf: rcvr.
    receiverClass := lkupClass.
    self commonSend.

But now, from the IMAGE side I would like to enable or disable such
intercept. It would be great if from the Image side I can set a value to a
boolean and read such value and ask, from the VM side.

Do you know if I can do this?  Should I use specialObjectArray ?  If true,
can you give me a hint of how to do it ?

Thank you very much.

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