[Vm-dev] Re: latest vmmaker wont run with pharo 1.1.1 (dev)

Henrik Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Thu Nov 11 11:43:57 UTC 2010

Den 09.11.2010 03:41, skrev Andreas Raab:
>  Thanks. Looks like a problem in extracting string arguments in 
> translated primitives. I've attached a change set with a 
> fix. This adds an additional check for char* arguments in translated 
> prims to ensure that they're actually byte objects.
> Cheers,
>   - Andreas
Sorry for sort of dropping of the map and not providing any feedback
sooner, work got real hectic this week.
Nice solution though! Looking forward to seeing it included, I'll make
sure all the safeguards in Pharo are removed and the method reverted
once the new VMs are in distribution :D

The part I wrote about matchTable being in need of changes was more of a
feature-request when I think about it, in that it would be nice to have
a comparable function whose matchtable can also include substitutions
outside the latin1-range.
Then again, you'd probably also need normalization and other stuff in
such a method...


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