[Vm-dev] positive32BitValueOf: fail with LargePositiveInteger

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 21:22:32 UTC 2010

>> Yes I saw and I appreciated. Now my point is that some assumptions (like that mariano did not read books 
>> are bad). Now mariano told me that he will check more. And this is bad because mariano is helping a lot 
>> people so we all lost something.
>> Stef
> I don't see how "we all lost something", we gained something instead. Knowing which question is basic and which is advanced is not easy. How SmallIntegers are represented in the Squeak VM is something very basic, so it was appropriate to mention that.
> And as Nicolas pointed out, not a single answer was "RTFM", nobody called anyone an idiot. There were 3 different actual explanations. No reason you get all upset about it. Relax, all is fine :)

I was not upset just sad and not for me. 

> That is, unless there is a hidden problem you did not mention. But in that case it would be better to name it.

There is no other problems. Read the mails. And guess what was the state of mind of mariano or other people reading the mailing-list to learn. Having people learning and understanding the VM is important. And as mariano mentioned it, the state of books and documentation is suboptimal in our wonderful community. 


PS: do you expect people to tell in public that they felt ridiculous?
Not everybody does not care like me. 

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