[Vm-dev] Re: How to access Interpreter code from plugin?

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 15:21:27 UTC 2010

On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 5:11 PM, Mariano Martinez Peck <
marianopeck at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi. Sorry if the question is newbie. I am still reading the blue book, so
> in case this is explained there I would just appreciate a link to it.
> The problem is the following: I have implemented some functionality in
> Interpreter to trace objects usage. I have modified all bytecodes and
> different primitives and now I am almost sure I am covering all the "methods
> sends". Now, I have a problem with bitOr: and bitAnd: for example.
> If I do   9999999999999999 bitOr:   8888888888888888888
> I would like to trace both intances of LargePositiveInteger as used.
> LargePositiveInteger >> bitOr:
> bitOr: anInteger
>     "Primitive. Answer an Integer whose bits are the logical OR of the
>     receiver's bits and those of the argument. Fail if the receiver or
> argument
>     is greater than 32 bits. See Object documentation whatIsAPrimitive."
>     <primitive: 15>
>     ^ super bitOr: anInteger
> So...clearly, this will fail since both obects are more than 32 bits.
> So....we will do ^ super bitOr: anInteger
> bitOr: n
>     "Answer an Integer whose bits are the logical OR of the receiver's
> bits
>     and those of the argument, n."
>     | norm |
>     <primitive: 'primDigitBitOr' module:'LargeIntegers'>
>     norm := n normalize.
>     ^ self
>         digitLogic: norm
>         op: #bitOr:
>         length: (self digitLength max: norm digitLength)
> So...it will call the primDigitBitOr  in the plugin LargeIntegers
> In Interpreter I put an instVar for example to flag if I need to trace or
> not, and several helpers and primitives methods. The "main" method is:
> Interpreter >> traceObjectUsage: rcvr
>     ((self isIntegerObject: rcvr) not and: [hasToTrace])
>         ifTrue: [
>             self internalTurnOnUsedBit: rcvr.
>             ]
> Now, the problem is, how can I trace that 8888888888888888888 was
> used???    9999999999999999  is used, because at least one it goes trough
> the #normalSend
> Two options:
> 1) In the fail of Interprter >> primitiveBitOr:   I check if the class is
> LargePositiveInteger, I mark it.  I don't like this solution because
> actually I "think" it will be used, but this is just because of the
> implemetnation on bitOr: in the image. Maybe it changes, I don't know.
> 2) Ttry to trace this in the LargeInteger plugin. I would like this idea,
> but I found several problems:
> 2.a)  It is ok that I cannot access/send messages  to Interpreter from
> plugins?  It seems I am only allowed to do to InterpreterPlugin. But, I
> don't want to duplicate all my code from Interpreter to InterpreterProxy.
> 2.b) So my idea was to do something like this:
> InterpreterProxy >> traceObjectUsage: anObject
> anObject markAsUsed
Maybe this is not possible. But even with this:

traceObjectUsage: rcvr
    "rcvr markAsUsed "

I have the bad access :(

> And Object >> markAsUsed will just be a primitive that actually calls
> #traceObjectUsage
> Trying to do that, I failed because sqVirtualMachine.h was not generated
> automatically, thus such struct didn't understand traceObjectUsage. For
> that, I added by hand to sqVirtualMachine.h something like this:
> #if VM_PROXY_MINOR > 8
>     sqInt  (*traceObjectUsage)(sqInt oop);
> #endif
> With this it compiles, but when trying to run (actually in the start) the
> image I get a bad access error.
> 2.c) why is not sqVirtualMemory, or let's say, InterpreterProxy methods not
> automatically generated with VMMaker?  I am doing something wrong ?
> 2.d) I saw there are more than one sqVirtualMemory. One in
> "/platforms/Cross/vm"  and another one in
> "/platforms/Cross/plugins/IA32ABI/sqVirtualMachine.h"  . After testin a
> little, it seems in my case it is using the second one. Why we have 2? and
> why it is using the second one ?
> Ok, thanks for any help you can give me and sorry for so many (and probably
> newbie) questions.
> Best regards,
> mariano
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