[Vm-dev] FreeBSD r2378 and status

David Graham dgraham at unthinkable.org
Tue Apr 5 20:41:26 UTC 2011

I just uploaded a new binary for Cog FreeBSD.

It's built from the current squeakvm source configured with:
../../platforms/unix/config/configure CFLAGS="-g -O2 -msse2 -DNDEBUG -DNO_VM_PROFILE=1 -DCOGMTVM=0 -DNOEXECINFO -DDEBUGVM=0" LIBS=-pthread --without-npsqueak

I don't currently have a way to test OpenGL, (I'm doing dev on a remote VM) but the plugin is there.  Also, I don't have sound or BSD native UUID enabled (but am hoping to get UUID working soon).

I haven't had a chance to work on the CMakeVMMaker code.  Is there a way to disable the download link on Hudson until we can get a functional build? (The source compiles 100%, but doesn't link properly)  If someone want's to take it up, there is probably some coordinated refactoring to do in the CUnix classes since half of my overrides were to remove linux specific compiler flags.

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