[Vm-dev] [CRAZY IDEA] "Breakpoints" in the VM from SLANG

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 11:40:22 UTC 2011

Probably not crazy but stupid or impossible to achieve...but anyway, I want
to ask..

Scenario: I find myself navigating the VMMaker code (SLANG) and I want to
put a "self halt" somewhere there. Forget the simulator for the moment.
So...I need to go to C, and "translate in my mind" what that part of SLANG
should look like in C, and search it in the C code. XCode is FAAAR to slow
to browe the interp.c . Morever, with inlined methods it is even more
difficult to find...

Anyway, I was thinking how cool could be to create breakpoints from VMMaker.
I think it is not possible to put breakpoints in C code, but what about
doing something like:

Interpreter >> haltVM
"find a better name for this method"
self cCode: 'raise(SIGINT); '

Of course, we need to add a
#include <csignal> // or signal.h if C code

I have NO IDEA the implicance or side effects of doing this. I haven't tried

And it is complicated to do it cross platform..etc. Here is a link to do
more or less this idea:

What I want is that if we are running with GDB and the VM calls haltVM()
then the GDB is paused so that I can do bt, etc...

What do you think?

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