[Vm-dev] '-DNDEBUG=0' and '-DDEBUGVM=1'

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 16:06:27 UTC 2011

Hi Eliot. I am not sure if I understand correctly these flags, and if I do,
then I think the CMake configurations are wrong.

First, what are those flags intended for?   Which should be tuned on and
which one off for both, release and debug ?

In Unix/Windows conf, onlt for release, these are set:

Mac Carbon release

Mac Cocoa Cog (CocoaIOSCogConfig) debug

Mac Cocoa Cog (CocoaIOSCogConfig) release

Mac Cocoa Cog MT  debug

Mac Cocoa Cog MT  release

So...this is a mess.  Mac Cocoa Cog MT,  have the same for both release and
debug. Is this correct?
Mac Cocoa Cog, idem Mac Cocoa Cog MT

What is worst, Mac Cocoa Cog MT is the opposite of Mac Cocoa Cog

so...i have no idea how this should be, but sounds strange for me


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