[Vm-dev] Problem with external plugins with automated XCode project

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 15:51:11 UTC 2011

Hi guys. One of the things I really love of CMake is the ability to create
out of the box makefiles for XCode. However, today I found a problem: the
external plugins are wrong.

Suppose from CMakeVMMaker I set

outputDir -> /Users/mariano/Pharo/vm/git/cogVM2/blessed/results    (which is
the default)

Then, if I do cmake . and  make, everything is fine, the files are placed

Plugins: outputDir/CogMTVM.app/Contents/Resources/

Executable: outputDir/CogMTVM.app/Contents/MacOS/CogMTVM

Resources:  outputDir/CogMTVM.app/Contents/MacOS/Resources/

But...if I do cmake -G Xcode and then a "build and debug" inside XCode,
these are the generated binaries:

Plugins: outputDir/CogMTVM.app/Contents/Resources/Debug/

Executable: outputDir/Debug/CogMTVM.app/Contents/MacOS/CogMTVM

Resources:  outputDir/Debug/CogMTVM.app/Contents/MacOS/Resources/

Which of course, are incorrect, and plugins are put in a different place
than the VM.

It seems it is adding a /Debug  in some places. If you have give me any
hint, I would really appreaciate. I can set XCode attributes from
CMakeVMMaker, but I have no idea which attribute may I be needing.

Thanks a lot in advance,

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