[Vm-dev] TZAG everyone! I'm a Coyo, and I'm interested in SqueaksVM development. Hope you dont mind if i poke in here :3

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sun Feb 12 13:02:34 UTC 2012

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 02:32:33AM -0600, Alex Maurin wrote:
> Hey all, my name is Coyo / Alex, either one is fine.
> I recently discovered OpenCobalt, and one of the developers there pointed
> me at Squeak. it seems an interesting language.
> The developer in question has a youtube tutorial series, and since i
> already have virtualbox installed, i looked at the download options, and
> supposed that a vm option would be fascinating.
> I dont know why a language would need its own virtual machine or operating
> system, but i guess i'm about to find out! :D
> This should be fun.

Hello Coyo,

Here is the classic "Back to the Future" paper that will help you understand
where Squeak (and later OpenCobalt) comes from, and how it implements its
own virtual machine to host a live object environment:


As you can tell from looking OpenCobalt, a great deal of development and
change has taken place since that paper was written.

Other mailing lists of interest for Squeak are here:


The list for the related Pharo project is here:


If you are looking at OpenCobalt, you will probably find the squeak-dev
list to be a good place to ask general questions.



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