[Vm-dev] Illumos port

Colin Putney colin at wiresong.com
Fri May 4 23:04:07 UTC 2012

Hi folks,

As was mentioned in the Squeak Board minutes, I've been working on
getting Squeak running on SmartOS. (SmartOS is a newish distribution
of Illumos, which is a fork of OpenSolaris, which is apparently no
longer open, now that Oracle owns it. Anyway, it's a flavour of

Attached is a patch that lets me build the VM and open an image in a
SmartOS zone.

I ran into a few issues, which I'll detail below:

1) I tried to do a proper autoconf check for the existence of headers
such as <sys/sockio.h> and <sys/ucontext.h>, but I ran afoul of very
strange behaviour from the libtool script that my regenerated
configure script created. (Geez, how many levels of code generation do
these GNU guys think is healthy?) I was able to create the config.h
file that I wanted, but then linking didn't work anymore. For now I've
just used the __sun__ preprocessor definition (apparently
automatically defined by the compiler) for conditional compilation.

2) It looks like the image runs ok, but when I try to connect a VNC
client (SmartOS has no GUI), the VM receives a SIGPOLL/SIGIO signal
and exits. Fixing that probably requires more significant changes than
I've made so far, so if anybody has suggestions on how to tackle it,
I'd love to hear them.

If there's some other method of submitting the patch that would be
more convenient of the maintainers, I'm happy to do that instead.

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