[Vm-dev] FreeBSD port lang/squeak: 4.4.7_2 - invalid UTF8 - UTF8TextConverter class>> errorMalFormedInput:

Takeshi MUTOH mutoh at 610t.org
Thu Sep 6 06:06:58 UTC 2012

Hi, I'm a maintainer of FreeBSD port lang/squeak.

I receive a serious problem report below:
- http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=ports/171291

In this problem report, only open browser with Form class, raise debugger "invalid UTF8 - UTF8TextConverter class>> errorMalFormedInput:".
Full SqueakDebug.log is here:
- http://qml.610t.org/squeak/mutoh_20120904.files/SqueakDebug.log

I can repeat this problem with FreeBSD port VM.

Some other VMs don't have this problem below.
- Version 4.3 at MacOS X 10.8.1
-- http://ftp.squeak.org/4.3/Squeak-4.3-All-in-One.zip
- 4.4.7-2357 VM at Debian Linux 
- 4.4.7-2357 VM at FreeBSD http://squeakvm.org/
-- http://squeakvm.org/unix/release/Squeak-

There is this problem at FreeBSD port VM, but not squeakvm.org VM.
So I try to find difference both VMs.

FreeBSD port VM build log is here:
- http://qml.610t.org/squeak/mutoh_20120904.files/squeak.20120906.txt

If there are  some idea to fix this problem, any information is welcome.

Thanks in advance.
Takeshi MUTOH <mutoh at 610t.org>

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