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Thank you.


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Hi Bert.

Looking at your work at, in the top middle display
Am I looking at a process browser and a "stack" of suspended and active contexts?

[] in BlockContext>>newProcess 
[] in ProcessorScheduler class>>startUp 
ProcessorScheduler class>>idleProcess 

ctx[5]=rcvr: the ProcessorScheduler class

Almost. It is the stack of the currently running process. That is, the activeContext and its sender context and its sender context etc.

You can see the same thing, just displayed differently, when you follow the activeContext's sender chain in the left tree display.

The other runnable processes are in the Processor global, the 4th item in the specialObjects array on the left. This image has 8 priority levels. It's more instructive to look at it right after loading, because then you will see the idleProcess at priority 1 in the quiescentProcessList. The idleProcess is always runnable. So if no higher-priority process is runnable (which is most of the time) this is what you see. The other processes are all waiting on some Semaphore so they are not in that list.

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