[Vm-dev] MacOS vs MacOSX?

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Thu Jun 5 14:39:01 UTC 2014

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>>I'm pretty sure they'd need to be. Totally different systems. OS X was originally NeXTSTEP, and was not at all based on the original Mac OS.

Thank you.

Didn't MacOS used to run on a proprietary mac chip as well?

What I mean is that SunOS now (can) target x86, but it used to target sparc architecture.

What about MacOS and OSX? 

Here is what I am trying to solve:

I have the following directories defined for the GNU builds


I am wondering if in addition to build.macosx32x86 I need a build.macos[wordsize.platform] directory/category for the builds.

The idea is to eliminate guessing and configuration fiddling when trying to compile a VM. So, if somebody running OSX on intel, then they go to build.macosx32x86.
But, if somebody is running MacOS on "whatever chip Mac uses" then they need to see a directory (or CMake configuration) that is intuitive.



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