Re: [Vm-dev] sqPluginsSCCSVersion.h (was: [commit][2953] In    sqFileOpen() ensure that Mac file characteristics are set only    when a new file is created)

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Sat Jun 7 18:33:39 UTC 2014

---- On Sat, 07 Jun 2014 10:59:40 -0700 tim Rowledge<tim at> wrote ----
>Possibly related - I was talk ing with IanP a while back about the technique for extracting the latest revision number from SVN; his code is/was using some messing with unix/Changleog to work it out. Whilst trying to do something else I spotted the svnversion command which >appears to do something not entirely unrelated  
 >You may now return to your previously scheduled nightmares.

We need a word for the spasmodic sounds a programmer's brain makes when forced to switch from one programming idiom/problem space to another programming idiom/problem space.
We could call it the  PI/PS->PI'/PS'  resonator index.

Mind you, they are not all the same sounds.

Smalltalk->c    <low dull flops>
c->Smalltalk    <hi pitched "squitches">
* -> svn           <very grotesque, scares the pets>
*->git              <can be fatal> 

I am currently in Smalltalk code with an elderly cat on the desk, so I am ignoring the svn version problem for now.

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