[Vm-dev] new Cog VMs available

Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 04:59:06 UTC 2014

...in http://www.mirandabanda.org/files/Cog/VM/VM.r3000/

CogVM binaries as per VMMaker.oscog-eem.772/r3000

Add libcrypto and libssl to Linux and Mac builds of the SqueakSSL plugin.

Add the XDisplayControlPlugin and include it (external) and the AioPlugin
(internal) to the linux x86 builds.

Fix an abort (relocating call to invalid address) due to an over-zealous
in relocateCallBeforeReturnPC:by:.  Since we relocate e.g. calls to
there can be no effective range check there-in.

Fix fillObj: signedness for objects straddling the midpoint of the address
space (quickly affects linux).  Similarly for routines in pigCompact, to get
asserts correct.

Fix printOopsFrom:to:. for objects up to endOfMemory.

Declare lastFreeChunk and firstFreeChunk correctly.  Fix numberOfForwarders:
and printForwarders: for isForwarded:'s blindness towards freeChunks.
Comment isForwarded: to be clear on the issue.

Have the segment manager pass to sqAllocateMemorySegmentOfSize: the address
the first large enough gap in the address space, instead of the address of
end of the first segment.  This allows e.g. linux to use MAP_FIXED and hence
get past a 128Mb limit on mmapping.

Fix bugs in isValidFreeObject: & printFreeTreeChunk: that caused bogus

Remember to include the Spur moniker in the -version output on linux
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