[Vm-dev] a Cog BASH install script, please (as opposed to using 'make install')

Chris Cunnington brasspen at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 17:52:49 UTC 2014

The short answer (could be wrong): 

Almost nobody can compile Cog from sources. That means that almost nobody can install Cog in the appropriate way on Linux. This means a BASH script that does what "make install" does would be a good thing. 

The long answer (still could be wrong): 

I ranted recently about installer scripts for VMs. Afterward I wasn't even sure what I was talking about. I was sure I'd seen two expert programmers have a hellish time trying to install Cog on Linux servers. I don't have that problem, because I don't install. I just put the vm on the command line and use. 

When I suggested to these programmers that they should do the same, if they could have reached through the screen, they would have slapped me. But what was going on? 

They both tried to compile Cog from sources, not because it's a fun thing to do, but in hindsight, I think they were doing it, because they thought it was the only way to install it on Linux. You need to execute: 


before you can install: 

make install 

If they could have just done the second part, I think they would have. But I think it necessitated the first part. Perhaps pre-compiled Cog binaries should come with a Makefile for "make install"? 

I remember watching one programmer do it and talk on Squeak IM at the same time. The consensus with another expert level programmer was that Eliot's way ( Hi, Eliot !) of building VMs was particular to him and not really a process for wide consumption. What does that mean? I have no idea. If you want to comb through the Squeak IM transcripts of the last four-five months, you'll find it. 

Eliot releases his VMs, which are wonderful, with a script called squeak. I think that's just for starting images on the command line. I went back to r2151 and it comes with two scripts - squeak and squeak.sh. They appear to do the same thing. Then I went back to r1596 to see how I successfully installed a VM on a Linux box in 2006. I think anybody could use "make" and then "make install" back then. I don't think it came with a script for starting on the command line.

On Friday I made the squeak.org homepage run on CogSpur. I did it by doing horrible things to daemontools. *shiver* But I don't think I can install any kind of Cog linux VM on a server. I've seen two experts try and it was an ugly sight. 

Perhaps this explanation just shows my ignorance and somebody will point out what I don't understand. I'm ready for that. 
But if not, if the only way to install Cog is to compile Cog, then Houston, we have a problem. 


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