Re: [Vm-dev] running 'configure' command from within Squeak and then    loading that config.h into my object...similar work done?

gettimothy gettimothy at
Sat Jun 28 01:14:18 UTC 2014

Hi David,

See my last reply to Eliot.

I have been neck deep in new coding that I have relied on the existing CMakeVMaker approach to drive my development.

While replying to Eliot and Tim R, I have glanced at Ian's configure script and I think this will all come together nicely.

The end of Ian's script invokes cmake like so:

if test -n "${cflags}"; then
       cmake "${unix}" -DVM_HOST="${host}" -DVM_VERSION="${VM_VERSION}" -DPLATFORM_SOURCE_VERSION="${PLATFORM_SOURCE_VERSION}" -DSRC="${src}" -DOPT--CMAKE_C_FLAGS="${cflags}" ${args}
       cmake "${unix}" -DVM_HOST="${host}" -DVM_VERSION="${VM_VERSION}" -DPLATFORM_SOURCE_VERSION="${PLATFORM_SOURCE_VERSION}" -DSRC="${src}" ${args}


Which, somehow creates a config.h  (and a good looking one too. It links to /lib/64 which is correct on my system)

This is definitely solvable in principle using exclusivelly cmake. 

I have a lot of brain-cycles to spend getting the framework in place before I turn my attention to this particular problem, but in discussing it with you guys, the solution has presented itself.



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