[Vm-dev] SqueakJS

Jerry Bell jdbellomm at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 15:46:57 UTC 2014

I've been playing around with SqueakJS and it is simply amazing!

I found the paper "SqueakJS : A Modern and Practical Smalltalk That Runs in
Any Browser" at:
That paper helped fill in some details about the implementation.

Bert, do you have updated performance numbers for the new JIT version?

I'm personally interested in this for web development, specifically for
"single page applications".   I've always thought that working in a system
built on top of HTML5 Canvas + JavaScript would be much easier and
cleaner than working with a standard web development stack.   SqueakJS
looks like a great way to get started without building up a complete system
from scratch on top of Amber or pure JavaScript.   I believe that a simple
MVC image will be more than fast enough for some proof of concepts.

Since SqueakJS is built on JavaScript, it should be easy to incorporate
existing web technologies and libraries such as socket.io as VM plugins.
But of course those plugins would only work with SqueakJS running in a
browser.  But if someone were to build a plugin for Squeak that embedded a
JavaScript engine (similar to Node.JS embedding the V8 engine), would it be
possible to build JavaScript based plugins that work in regular Squeak as
well as SqueakJS?  That might be useful for day to day Squeakers as well
as SqueakJS users, since there really are a lot of great JavaScript
libraries out there.

Anyway, thanks for building SqueakJS!

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