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Mon Nov 24 20:17:38 UTC 2014

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of VMMaker to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: VMMaker.oscog-eem.956
Author: eem
Time: 24 November 2014, 12:15:08.31 pm
UUID: c2eb8c1e-ed43-4316-80b4-781c57cf3f1e
Ancestors: VMMaker.oscog-eem.955

Make sure #ObjectMemory option is set in
initializationOptions if defaultObjectMemoryClass exists.

=============== Diff against VMMaker.oscog-eem.955 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: VMClass class>>initializeMiscConstants (in category 'initialization') -----
  	"Falsify the `what type of VM is this?' flags that are defined in the various interp.h files,
  	 or in the case of VMBIGENDIAN the various sqConfig.h files.
  	 Subclass implementations need to include a super initializeMiscConstants"
  	| omc |
  	VMBIGENDIAN class. "Mention this for the benefit of CCodeGenerator>>emitCConstantsOn:"
  	self isInterpreterClass ifTrue:
  		[STACKVM := COGVM := COGMTVM := false].
  	initializationOptions ifNil: [self initializationOptions: Dictionary new].
  	omc := initializationOptions at: #ObjectMemory ifAbsent: nil.
+ 	(omc isNil and: [self defaultObjectMemoryClass notNil]) ifTrue:
+ 		[omc := initializationOptions at: #ObjectMemory put: self defaultObjectMemoryClass name].
  		at: #SqueakV3ObjectMemory	"the good ole default"
  			put: (omc
  					ifNil: [true]
  					ifNotNil: [(Smalltalk at: omc) includesBehavior: ObjectMemory]);
+ 		at: #SpurObjectMemory		"the new contender"
- 		at: #SpurObjectMemory		"the new condender"
  			put: (omc
  					ifNil: [false]
  					ifNotNil: [(Smalltalk at: omc) includesBehavior: SpurMemoryManager]).
  	"Use ifAbsentPut: so that they will get copied back to the
  	 VMMaker's options and dead code will likely be eliminated."
  	NewspeakVM := initializationOptions at: #NewspeakVM ifAbsentPut: [false].
  	SistaVM := initializationOptions at: #SistaVM ifAbsentPut: [false].
  	MULTIPLEBYTECODESETS := initializationOptions at: #MULTIPLEBYTECODESETS ifAbsentPut: [false].
  	"N.B.  Not yet implemented."
  	IMMUTABILITY := initializationOptions at: #IMMUTABILITY ifAbsentPut: [false].
  	"These for scripts etc... Usually they should get set by an Interpreter class's initializeMiscConstantsWith:"
  	(initializationOptions includesKey: #STACKVM) ifTrue:
  		[STACKVM := initializationOptions at: #STACKVM].
  	(initializationOptions includesKey: #COGVM) ifTrue:
  		[COGVM := initializationOptions at: #COGVM].
  	(initializationOptions includesKey: #COGMTVM) ifTrue:
  		[COGMTVM := initializationOptions at: #COGMTVM]!

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