[Vm-dev] How to run a Mac Interpreter VM without sound?

Frank Shearar frank.shearar at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 13:53:01 UTC 2014

The OS X (10.8.0) build slave I use for CI fails to run any
interpreter-vm-using commands because of sound issues. If I use the
arguments "-vm-display-null" it says

squeak: could not find any sound driver

and aborts.

If I use the arguments "-vm-display-null -vm-sound-null" it says

could not find module vm-sound-null

and aborts.

This is a VM that's freshly baked, from the standard
download-configure-make dance. An ls in the bld/ directory shows a
wealth of sound plugins: vm-sound-null, vm-sound-MacOSX, and so on.
Using any of these plugins fails, all because the VM "could not find
module vm-sound-FOO".

-help says

Available drivers:

and you'll note the absence of any sound drivers there. The sad thing
is I don't even _care_ about sound. The machine runs CI jobs only. If
I could do without random Beep sounds, I'd be even happier.

So how do I find out what incantation I need to chant while
sacrificing the chicken, if I want to run an Interpreter VM on OSX?



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