[Vm-dev] platforms/unix/vm-display-X11.c revision 3499 breaks use of fullscreen on Pi

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Thu Dec 17 00:25:34 UTC 2015

Unfortunately the recent change to vm-display-X11.c has broken the fullscreen stuff, at least on a Pi with Raspbian. The previous version worked ok.

Symptom - the prim does not fail, but does not change the window size at all. It *does* change the view that the vm thinks it has as a window and `DisplayScreen actualScreenSize` reports the size we would expect the window to be. So somewhere in that change we’ve lost a crucial call to one of the myriad obscure X apis.

I’m peering at the file trying to see if I can spot anything missing but it’s not very likely I can solve this one without an X-pert.

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