[Vm-dev] re: Reducing the activity of the image

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Thu Feb 12 10:40:28 UTC 2015

Hoi Norbert--

     In 2003, while implementing remote messaging for what became the
Naiad distributed module system[1], I noticed excessive CPU usage during
idle by Squeak on MacOSX (and extremely poor remote messaging
performance). I prepared alternate versions of
ioRelinquishProcessorForMicroseconds, comparing:

-    select() (AKA aioSleepForUsecs in Ian's aio API, my starting point)
-    pthread_cond_timedwait()
-    nanosleep()

     pthread_cond_timedwait was the clear winner at the time. I wrote my
own relinquish primitive as part of the Flow external streaming
plugin[2], and I've been using it ever since. Still seems fine. I've
mentioned this before.



[1] http://netjam.org/naiad
[1] http://netjam.org/flow

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