[Vm-dev] About BitBlt on the Raspberry Pie VM

J. Vuletich (mail lists) juanlists at jvuletich.org
Thu Feb 19 12:42:08 UTC 2015

Hi Clément,

You should check Cuis  and Morphic 3. Cuis is a lightwheight fork of  
Squeak originally motivated by the desire of a very big simplification  
and refactoring of Morphic. This has evolved to the point where each  
morph defines its own local coordinates, all coordinates are  
potentially Float (allowing for subpixel precision graphics) and the  
canvas protocol has been evolved to be closer to vector graphics.

Standard Cuis is still running BitBlt. The other half of the Morphic 3  
project is a new vector graphics engine fully written in Smalltalk /  
Slang, that was made into a plugin a few times. This engine can do  
subpixel precision vector graphics, with subpixel anti aliasing and  
the highest quality ever. It is based on prefiltering, not  
postfiltering, so it has no relation with any patented technique.  
There's no specific rasterizer for text. The general vector graphics  
rasteriser is soo good that it draws unhinted text better than most  
dedicated text libraries.

This is the way to go for Vector Graphics in Smalltalk.

Juan Vuletich

(compare with  

  Quoting Clément Bera <bera.clement at gmail.com>:

>  About vector graphics, I know many people are using a Cairo binding made by
>  Igor in the Pharo community and they're quite happy about it. A guy (Ronie
>  Salgado) also implemented some openCL support for GPU, but there are not
>  that many users.

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