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Mon Jun 29 21:06:55 UTC 2015

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of Cog to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Cog-eem.270
Author: eem
Time: 29 June 2015, 2:06:40.897 pm
UUID: e76f505e-4e2e-4323-af4e-9bc0938a7783
Ancestors: Cog-eem.269

Fix the Cog bootatrap given the access control changes in VMMaker.oscog-rmacnak.1392

=============== Diff against Cog-eem.269 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SpurBootstrap>>rehashImage (in category 'bootstrap image') -----
  	"Rehash all collections in newHeap.
  	 Find out which classes implement rehash, entering a 1 against their classIndex in rehashFlags.
  	 Enumerate all objects, rehashing those whose class has a bit set in rehashFlags."
  	| n sim rehashFlags dotDate rehashSym sizeSym |
  	rehashSym := map at: (self findSymbol: #rehash).
  	sizeSym := map at: (self findSymbol: #size).
  	sim := StackInterpreterSimulator 
  				onObjectMemory: newHeap 
  				options: #(ObjectMemory #Spur32BitMemoryManager).
  		setImageHeaderFlagsFrom: oldInterpreter getImageHeaderFlags;
  		imageName: 'spur image';
  		assertValidExecutionPointersAtEachStep: false..
  	newHeap coInterpreter: sim.
  	sim bootstrapping: true.
  	sim initializeInterpreter: 0.
  	sim instVarNamed: 'methodDictLinearSearchLimit' put: SmallInteger maxVal.
  	sim redirectTranscriptToHost.
  		setHashBitsOf: newHeap nilObject to: 1;
  		setHashBitsOf: newHeap falseObject to: 2;
  		setHashBitsOf: newHeap trueObject to: 3.
  	rehashFlags := ByteArray new: newHeap numClassTablePages * newHeap classTablePageSize.
  	n := 0.
  	newHeap classTableObjectsDo:
  		[:class| | classIndex |
  		sim messageSelector: rehashSym.
  		"Lookup rehash but don't be fooled by ProtoObject>>rehash, which is just ^self."
+ 		((sim lookupOrdinaryNoMNUEtcInClass: class) = 0
- 		((sim lookupMethodNoMNUEtcInClass: class) = 0
  		 and: [(sim isQuickPrimitiveIndex: (sim primitiveIndexOf: (sim instVarNamed: 'newMethod'))) not]) ifTrue:
  			[n := n + 1.
  			 classIndex := newHeap rawHashBitsOf: class.
  				at: classIndex >> 3 + 1
  				put: ((rehashFlags at: classIndex >> 3 + 1)
  						bitOr: (1 << (classIndex bitAnd: 7)))]].
  	Transcript cr; print: n; nextPutAll: ' classes understand rehash. rehashing instances...'; flush.
  	dotDate := Time now asSeconds.
  	n := 0.
  	self withExecutableInterpreter: sim
  		do: [sim setBreakSelector: 'error:'.
  			 "don't rehash twice (actually without limit), so don't rehash any new objects created."
  			 newHeap allExistingOldSpaceObjectsDo:
  				[:o| | classIndex |
  				classIndex := newHeap classIndexOf: o.
  				((rehashFlags at: classIndex >> 3 + 1) anyMask: 1 << (classIndex bitAnd: 7)) ifTrue:
  					[Time now asSeconds > dotDate ifTrue:
  					 	[Transcript nextPut: $.; flush.
  						 dotDate := Time now asSeconds].
  					 "2845 = n ifTrue: [self halt]."
  					 "Rehash an object if its size is > 0.
  					  Symbol implements rehash, but let's not waste time rehashing it; in Squeak
  					  up to 2013 symbols are kept in a set which will get reashed anyway..
  					  Don't rehash empty collections; they may be large for a reason and rehashing will shrink them."
  					 ((sim addressCouldBeClassObj: o)
  					   or: [(self interpreter: sim
  							object: o
  							perform: sizeSym
  							withArguments: #()) = (newHeap integerObjectOf: 0)]) ifFalse:
  						[self interpreter: sim
  							object: o
  							perform: rehashSym
  							withArguments: #()]]]]!

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