[Vm-dev] re: "callback failed to own the VM"

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Thu Oct 8 23:59:28 UTC 2015

> If you want to make progress on this you'll need to
> a) build a simulator image (instructions on the blog)
> b) set-up a test case in the simulator to exercise the
> cedeToHigherPriorityThreads logic and replicate the bug
> c) have a go at rewriting cedeToHigherPriorityThreads and/or
> threadSwitchIfNecessary:from: to do the right thing.

     Hm, I have no idea how to set up such a test case meaningfully.
This seems like one of those situations where you'd use a "plugin
simulator" (like the one for BitBlt) that relies on the behavior you're
debugging already working properly as simulation support in the
simulation host.


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