[Vm-dev] Re: Setting up

Robert Withers robert.w.withers at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 03:59:17 UTC 2015

I do wish that there was a way to reach out and delete emails sent in 
error or regretfully, in hindsight. Alas, not as of yet. Perhaps one day.

I recalled that details are said to be in the HowToBuild files and sure 
enough build.linux32x86 has such a file. I did not realize later 
versions of gcc had been found to work, thinking I needed the earlier 
version. This seems to be a hasty assumption, so with the right flags I 
can work with the latest tools. Sorry for the alarm.

Many thanks,

On 10/11/2015 10:59 PM, Robert Withers wrote:
> Hi,
> I switched my box to Ubuntu and am looking to compile the vm.  Is 
> there a way to use apt-get and install gcc-4.1.2 from somewhere and 
> all supporting tools? Is there a debian pkg that pulls all the right 
> bits in? Or is there a page that has all those details, I could 
> reference?
> Many thanks,
> Robert

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