[Vm-dev] Why StandardFileStream fileID is 16 bytes in Linux while 20 bytes in OSX?

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 15:06:16 UTC 2016

Hi guys,

In OSX, StandardFileStream byteID size is 20, while in Linux, it is 16. I
see this definition in  ./Cross/plugins/FilePlugin/FilePlugin.h

/* squeak file record; see sqFilePrims.c for details */
typedef struct {
  int                    sessionID;     /* ikp: must be first */
  void                  *file;
  squeakFileOffsetType   fileSize;      /* 64-bits we hope. */
#if defined(ACORN)
// ACORN has to have 'lastOp' as at least a 32 bit field in order to work
  int lastOp; // actually used to save file position
  char writable;
  char lastChar;
  char isStdioStream;
  char                   writable;
  char                   lastOp; /* 0 = uncommitted, 1 = read, 2 = write */
  char                   lastChar;
  char                   isStdioStream;
} SQFile;

And I see no override from UNIX platform code. So...how can that be 16
bytes in Linux?

Thanks in advance,

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