[Vm-dev] Is it possible to suspend the garbage collector?

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Tue Jan 12 18:23:25 UTC 2016

> On 12-01-2016, at 8:39 AM, Max Leske <maxleske at gmail.com> wrote:
> Why do I see this behaviour? In Cog I see the expected outcome (free space big, young space small) even without triggering an incremental GC manually.

Not sure about details but do remember that Spur uses a fairly different object space arrangement, so if that’s what you’e using John’s advice may no longer be very relevant.

> 2. There’s also still the question about where those 500ms disappear to (see last e-mail), which are unaccounted for in the MessageTally output.

The tally code has never been particularly good at handling long running primitives. I *think* there is better profiling code somewhere that Andreas developed for Qwaq but IIRC it is not part of the current system.

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