[Vm-dev] Pre-Spur -> Spur transition

Phil (list) pbpublist at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 00:36:07 UTC 2016

Hi Eliot,

On Tue, 2015-11-24 at 10:50 -0800, Eliot Miranda wrote:
> Oops, the image building scripts are in image/old.  I forgot that now
> that Squeak 5.0 is released I'd cleaned up the scripts and left only
> ones to create 64-bit images.  Forgive me.  So....
> 0. cd to the image directory
> 1. build a VMMaker.oscog image via
> $ buildsqueaktrunkvmmakerimage.sh

I'm going through the process you documented to migrate a Cuis image
and finding some minor breakage along the way (needing to symlink a
couple of scripts between the image and image/old directories and
getting a 'Bits size mismatch' error running the above build script...
entirely possible there will be more to do as I get further) and was
wondering if anyone has archived known working images related to the
Cog and now the Spur migrations?  These seem like worthwhile artifacts
to keep around should anyone in the distant future need to migrate
images as the breakage will likely increase the further we get from the
initial migration event...


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