[Vm-dev] Accessing effectiveProcess from a primitive

Ben Coman btc at openinworld.com
Mon Oct 17 16:09:57 UTC 2016

After falling down a rabbit hole chasing some ideas for waitAcquire
for the OwnedLock primitives (where I learnt a lot) which came to a
dead end, and then a few other distractions I'm returnign to complete
this.  I have a query regarding simulation of the primitives via...

The activeProcess is important to the OwnedLock primitives since they
record which process acquired the lock, however IIUC the active
process is confused when debugging for which effectiveProcess is
provided to clarify things.  So in  #doPrimitive:method:receiver:args:
I am passing the effectiveProcess via the stack and the primitive does...

  argumentCount > 0
      [ownedLock := self stackValue: 1.  "rcvr"
       activeProc := self stackTop]
       [ownedLock := self stackTop.  "rcvr"
        activeProc := self activeProcess].

However I am thinking it would be better from the primitive to
directly access the effectiveProcess instance variable of Process.

However Squeak 5.1 has ivars...
  Link subclass: #Process
    instanceVariableNames: 'suspendedContext priority myList threadId
effectiveProcess name island env'
    classVariableNames: ''
    poolDictionaries: ''
    category: 'Kernel-Processes'

while Pharo 60257 has ivars...
  Link subclass: #Process
    instanceVariableNames: 'suspendedContext priority myList name env
effectiveProcess terminating'
    classVariableNames: 'InheritablePSKeys PSKeys PSKeysSema'
    package: 'Kernel-Processes'

where the threadId variable "is used by multi-threaded CogVMs to
control process-to-thread binding. It's required to be the fourth
instance variable."

So first a side question... Should Pharo add threadId?

And my main question, can I lock effectiveProcess in as the fifth
instance variable so OwnedLock primitive can access it from the VM ?

cheers -ben

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