[Vm-dev] Latest 32bit macOS VM segfaults on Travis

Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda at gmail.com
Sat Dec 23 18:07:22 UTC 2017

Hi Fabio, Hi All,

On Sat, Dec 23, 2017 at 7:21 AM, Fabio Niephaus <lists at fniephaus.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm not up-to-date with the latest macOS display/event changes, but there
> seems to be a problem with the current code which causes the VM to segfault
> on Travis (example [1]). Actually, I tried out a VM from Nov 30 and that
> also seems to segfault, so the problem was introduced at least a month ago.
> Note that the segfaulting VM runs headful and is supposed to update a base
> image to produce Squeak-trunk. Can anyone look into this?
> Best,
> Fabio
> [1] https://travis-ci.org/squeak-smalltalk/squeak-app/jobs/320661515#L198

Here's the operative part of the C stack:

0   libsystem_c.dylib                   0x9364786c strstr + 33
1   Squeak                              0x00150848 reportStackState + 706
2   Squeak                              0x00150be8 sigsegv + 183
3   libsystem_platform.dylib            0x969ba79b _sigtramp + 43
4   ???                                 0xffffffff 0x0 + 4294967295
5   Squeak                              0x0014ba49 -[sqSqueakOSXOpenGLView
setupOpenGL] + 149
6   Squeak                              0x0014c33c -[sqSqueakOSXOpenGLView
drawRect:flush:] + 178
7   Squeak                              0x0014b8cb -[sqSqueakOSXOpenGLView
drawThelayers] + 77
8   Squeak                              0x00152400
-[sqSqueakScreenAndWindow ioForceDisplayUpdate] + 180
9   Squeak                              0x0015213a ioForceDisplayUpdate + 61
10  Squeak                              0x0010e506 primitiveShowDisplayRect
+ 174
11  Squeak                              0x000d94dd interpret + 16201
12  Squeak                              0x000e284c
enterSmalltalkExecutiveImplementation + 135
13  Squeak                              0x000d5887 interpret + 755
14  Squeak                              0x00151c92
-[sqSqueakMainApplication runSqueak] + 439

and it is directly on start-up in the context of this Smalltalk stack:

0xbfef9a18 I DisplayScreen>forceToScreen: 0x4be8868: a(n) DisplayScreen
0xbfef9a34 M [] in DisplayScreen>forceDamageToScreen: 0x4be8868: a(n)
0xbfef9a54 M OrderedCollection>do: 0x4856238: a(n) OrderedCollection
0xbfef9a80 I DisplayScreen>forceDamageToScreen: 0x4be8868: a(n)
0xbfef9aa4 I WorldState>forceDamageToScreen: 0x5a6fbe0: a(n) WorldState
0xbfef9adc I WorldState>displayWorld:submorphs: 0x5a6fbe0: a(n) WorldState
0xbfef9b04 I PasteUpMorph>privateOuterDisplayWorld 0x502c8f0: a(n)
0xbfef9b24 I PasteUpMorph>displayWorld 0x502c8f0: a(n) PasteUpMorph
0xbfef9b40 M [] in WorldState>displayWorldSafely: 0x5a6fbe0: a(n) WorldState
0xbfef9b5c M BlockClosure>on:do: 0x482f130: a(n) BlockClosure
0xbfef9b7c M BlockClosure>ifError: 0x482f130: a(n) BlockClosure
0xbfef9ba0 I WorldState>displayWorldSafely: 0x5a6fbe0: a(n) WorldState
0xbfef9bc4 I PasteUpMorph>displayWorldSafely 0x502c8f0: a(n) PasteUpMorph
0xbfef9be4 I PasteUpMorph>install 0x502c8f0: a(n) PasteUpMorph
0xbfef9c0c I AutoStart class>checkForUpdates 0x4f017c8: a(n) AutoStart class
0xbfef9c2c M AutoStart class>startUp: 0x4f017c8: a(n) AutoStart class
0xbfef9c58 M [] in SmalltalkImage>send:toClassesNamedIn:with: 0x4f30dc0:
a(n) SmalltalkImage
0xbfef9c80 I OrderedCollection>do: 0x51a5b10: a(n) OrderedCollection
0xbfef9ca8 I SmalltalkImage>send:toClassesNamedIn:with: 0x4f30dc0: a(n)
0xbfef9cd4 I SmalltalkImage>processStartUpList: 0x4f30dc0: a(n)
0xbfef9d00 I SmalltalkImage>snapshot:andQuit:withExitCode:embedded:
0x4f30dc0: a(n) SmalltalkImage

So is it simply that the OpenGL libraries are unavailable?  Who's an expert
with OpenGL on Mac OS X who would take a look?

best, Eliot
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