[Vm-dev] Time primHighResClock truncated to 32 bits in 64 bits VMs.

Juan Vuletich JuanVuletich at zoho.com
Thu Dec 28 12:32:46 UTC 2017

Hi Folks,

In 32 bit Cog VMs, `Time primHighResClock` answers LargePositiveInteger, 
presumably up to 64 bits. This would mean a rollover in 167 years on a 
3.5GHz machine.

But on 64 bit Cog and Stack Spur VMs, it answers a SmallInteger that is 
truncated to 32 bits. This means a rollover in about one second.

I guesss this is a bug. Answering a SmallInteger, truncating the CPU 64 
bit counter to 60 bits would be ok. I think it makes sense to restrict 
answer to SmallInteger to avoid allocation, and a rollover every 41 
years is not too much :)


Juan Vuletich

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