[Vm-dev] A problem with SocketPlugin on windows

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 12:41:41 UTC 2017


I’m having a problem with SocketPlugin on windows (latest vm version): running the tests, image eventually hangs (and not just the image: also de debugger and also the terminal where I’m running the debugger, so is hard to see what happens…)
I compiled VM in assert mode and now I can see I have lots of this before it crashes: 

### Socket [00F6CEF8]
        Handle: 2ac
        Type: 0
        State: 2 [writable]
        Error: 0
        readSema: 7
        writeSema: 8
        connSema: 6
        Pending accepts: 0
        Read Watcher Op: 1
        Write Watcher Op: 1
        Close pending: 0
        In read select: 1
        In write select: 0
#### WARNING: Watcher threads are running wild on socket (sqSocketConnectionStatus)
        * Watching for non-connect while connecting

Any idea what can be failing?


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