[Vm-dev] instantiateClass:indexableSize: upper limit?

Tom Beckmann tomjonabc at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 08:35:50 UTC 2017

Dear VM devs,

I'm trying to allocate a Bitmap of around 16MB size in a plugin via
`interpreterProxy instantiateClass: interpreterProxy classBitmap
indexableSize: size`.
However, I always get NULL back. I already tried wrapping the primitive
call in `retryWithGC:until:`, with the same effect. Running a normal
`Bitmap new: 16000000` from a workspace works flawlessly.

I'm on a Ubuntu 16.04 64bit, running a squeak 32bit built from trunk.

Is there anything to watch out for? More precisely, I'm trying to copy the
contents of an image buffer generated from a pdf via libpoppler at 144dpi
to a new bitmap in squeak. The primitive and how I invoke it can be seen
here: https://pastebin.com/9NCdnx2J (line 50 is the call in question)

Thanks in advance for any pointers!
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