[Vm-dev] Reproducible crashing the VM with a zipped fuel serialization

stephan stephan at stack.nl
Sat Jun 24 10:44:54 UTC 2017

I revisited my MonticelloProjects experiment yesterday, and am still 
the vm when serializing to a compressed fuel file. I wrote about it at 
the time,
and then gave up as the vm was less stable during that period.


and it looks like the issue referenced:


To reproduce in a pharo6 image:

Gofer it
         smalltalkhubUser: 'StephanEggermont' project: 
         package: 'MonticelloProjects';

project := (Smalltalk at: #MCProject) new location:
project read.
project saveToFile.

That reliably crashes in saveToFile.

It seems to be independent of 32/64 bit and mac/linux, as I tried some 


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