[Vm-dev] Windows Subsystem For Linux

Ben Coman btc at openinworld.com
Mon May 8 04:57:50 UTC 2017

I expect a native LLP64 Windows port is preferable, but I'm following
WSL developments because there's an outside chance it could offer an
interim 64-bit Windows VM.

The idea is to split the VM execution into two parts - a KVM part on
the Windows side that grabs some framebuffer resource and
mouse/keyboard events and forwards them via LxBus to the Linux side
where we already have a working JIT.  The Linux side fills the
framebuffer that the Windows side displays.


Devil is in the details, but this is curious... "A Linux application
can share part of its virtual address space with an NT application,
which can then map it."

Some experiments here...

WSL seems like a great environment to develop & test for a Linux
production environment while having easy access to corporate tools
like Word, Excel & Outlook.

cheers -ben

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