[Vm-dev] GSOC introduction

Sophie Kaleba sophie.kaleba at gmail.com
Wed May 10 14:03:08 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

I have been accepted as a Google Summer of Code student to work on
improving the VMProfiler.

The project can be divided in 2 parts :
- first, the idea is to port the VMProfiler to Pharo (as it only works on
Squeak for now), to eventually have a version working both in Squeak and
- once the porting is done, the aim is to enhance the profiler itself ;
when profiling code generated by the JIT, the profiler should be able to
show where the time is spent in specific methods, rather than just telling
in which methods the time is spent.

I may be able to share with you a first version of a Squeak/Pharo profiler
soon. Then feel free to try it out and give me your feedback !

Of course, any suggestion/question/feedback on the project is welcome

Thanks for the opportunity !
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