[Vm-dev] script to add internal plugins ?

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Wed May 10 21:36:20 UTC 2017

> On 10-05-2017, at 1:47 PM, Sophie Kaleba <sophie.kaleba at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> I hadn't thought about that, thanks ! I will make sure not to create any duplicate of these plugins

I’ve never thought to experiment and see what happens if one tried to make both internal and external versions of the same plugin. I’d guess that it might not cause any problems in most cases.. hmm, unless on some platform you actually have to compile with different flags, and then maybe there’d be problems if the internal version were compiled with flag A, the ‘.o’ file were left around, the external version compile process found it, therefore didn’t compile with flag B, thus making something fail?

> I knew indeed that I could edit all the plugins.*files by hand, that was the reason why I was looking for a script. Please forgive my laziness :-)

Creatively applied laziness is an admirable thing. It’s what makes us write software and make tools so we can do more with less effort.

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