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Thu May 11 21:56:50 UTC 2017

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of VMMaker to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: VMMaker.oscog-eem.2210
Author: eem
Time: 11 May 2017, 2:56:06.138689 pm
UUID: 199ab3ad-9c71-4e65-a2f7-2384f74e2aa4
Ancestors: VMMaker.oscog-eem.2209

oops...answer a Slang node when eliding halt.

=============== Diff against VMMaker.oscog-eem.2209 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: MessageNode>>asTranslatorNodeIn: (in category '*VMMaker-C translation') -----
  asTranslatorNodeIn: aTMethod
  	"make a CCodeGenerator equivalent of me"
  	"selector is sometimes a Symbol, sometimes a SelectorNode!!
  	 On top of this, numArgs is needed due to the (truly grody) use of
  	 arguments as a place to store the extra expressions needed to generate
  	 code for in-line to:by:do:, etc.  see below, where it is used.
  	 Expand super nodes in place. Elide sends of halt so that halts can be
  	 sprinkled through the simulator but will be eliminated from the generated C."
  	| rcvrOrNil sel args ifNotNilBlock |
  	rcvrOrNil := receiver ifNotNil: [receiver asTranslatorNodeIn: aTMethod].
  	(rcvrOrNil notNil
  	and: [rcvrOrNil isVariable
  	and: [rcvrOrNil name = 'super']]) ifTrue:
  		[^aTMethod superExpansionNodeFor: selector key args: arguments].
  	sel := selector isSymbol ifTrue: [selector] ifFalse: [selector key].
+ 	sel == #halt ifTrue: [^rcvrOrNil].
- 	sel == #halt ifTrue: [^receiver].
  	(sel == #cCode:inSmalltalk: "extracting here rather than in translation allows inlining in the block."
  	  or: [sel == #cCode:]) ifTrue:
  		[arguments first isBlockNode ifTrue:
  			[| block |
  			 ^(block := arguments first asTranslatorNodeIn: aTMethod) statements size = 1
  				ifTrue: [block statements first]
  				ifFalse: [block]].
  		 (arguments first isLiteralNode
  		 and: [arguments first key isString
  		 and: [arguments first key isEmpty]]) ifTrue:
  			[^arguments first asTranslatorNodeIn: aTMethod]].
  	args := arguments
  				select: [:arg| arg notNil]
  				thenCollect: [:arg| arg asTranslatorNodeIn: aTMethod].
  	(sel = #to:by:do: and: [arguments size = 7 and: [(arguments at: 7) notNil]]) ifTrue:
  		["Restore limit expr that got moved by transformToDo:"
  		 args := {(arguments at: 7) value asTranslatorNodeIn: aTMethod. 
  				  args second.
  				  args third. "add the limit var as a hidden extra argument; we may need it later"
  				  TVariableNode new setName: arguments first key}].
  	(sel == #ifTrue:ifFalse: and: [arguments first isJust: NodeNil]) ifTrue:
  		[sel := #ifFalse:. args := {args last}].
  	(sel == #ifTrue:ifFalse: and: [arguments last isJust: NodeNil]) ifTrue:
  		[sel := #ifTrue:. args := {args first}].
  	(sel == #ifFalse:ifTrue: and: [arguments first isJust: NodeNil]) ifTrue:
  		[sel := #ifTrue:. args := {args last}].
  	(sel == #ifFalse:ifTrue: and: [arguments last isJust: NodeNil]) ifTrue:
  		[sel := #ifTrue:. args := {args first}].
  	((sel == #ifFalse: or: [sel == #or:])
  	 and: [arguments size = 2 and: [(arguments at: 2) notNil]]) ifTrue:
  		["Restore argument block that got moved by transformOr: or transformIfFalse:"
  		 args := {(arguments at: 2) asTranslatorNodeIn: aTMethod}].
  	(args size > sel numArgs and: [sel ~~ #to:by:do:]) ifTrue: "to:by:do: has iLimiT hidden in last arg"
  		["prune the extra blocks left by ifTrue:, ifFalse:, and: & or:"
  		 self assert: args size - sel numArgs = 1.
  		 self assert: (args last isStmtList
  					  and: [args last statements size = 1
  					  and: [(args last statements first isVariable
  							or: [args last statements first isConstant])
  					  and: [#('nil' true false) includes: args last statements first nameOrValue]]]).
  		 args := args first: sel numArgs].
  	"For the benefit of later passes, e.g. value: inlining,
  	 transform e ifNotNil: [:v| ...] into  v := e. v ifNotNil: [...],
  	 which in fact means transforming (v := e) ifTrue: [:v|...] into v := e. v ifTrue: [...]."
  	((sel == #ifTrue: or: [sel == #ifFalse: or: [sel == #ifTrue:ifFalse: or: [sel == #ifFalse:ifTrue:]]])
  	 and: [receiver notNil
  	 and: [receiver isAssignmentEqualsEqualsNil
  	 and: [(ifNotNilBlock := args detect: [:arg| arg isStmtList and: [arg args size = 1]] ifNone: []) notNil]]]) ifTrue:
  		[ifNotNilBlock setArguments: #().
  		 ^TStmtListNode new
  			setArguments: #()
  				{	receiver receiver asTranslatorNodeIn: aTMethod.
  					TSendNode new
  						setSelector: sel
  						receiver: (TSendNode new
  									setSelector: #==
  									receiver: (receiver receiver variable asTranslatorNodeIn: aTMethod)
  									arguments: {receiver arguments first asTranslatorNodeIn: aTMethod})
  						arguments: args }].
  	^TSendNode new
  		setSelector: sel
  		receiver: rcvrOrNil
  		arguments: args!

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