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Mon Aug 13 19:54:43 UTC 2018

Alistair Grant uploaded a new version of VMMaker to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: VMMaker.oscog-AlistairGrant.2427
Author: AlistairGrant
Time: 13 August 2018, 9:46:56.59943 pm
UUID: 36e9946a-6f6e-461b-89e8-f290e50dd097
Ancestors: VMMaker.oscog-AlistairGrant.2426

274: Update primitiveFileStdioHandles error handling.

Previously validMask = -1 was considered an error.  Now validMask < 0 is considered an error and the value is returned to the image with primitiveFailForOSError().

This is more robust against word length in the VM and provides a general mechanism for the plugin to provide error information back to the image.

=============== Diff against VMMaker.oscog-AlistairGrant.2426 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: FilePlugin>>primitiveFileStdioHandles (in category 'file primitives') -----
  	"Answer an Array of file handles for standard in, standard out and standard error,
  	 with nil in entries that are unvailable, e.g. because the platform does not provide
+ 	 standard error, etc.  Fail if an error occurs determining the stdio handles,
- 	 standard error, etc.  Fail if there are no standard i/o facilities on the platform or
  	 if the security plugin denies access or if memory runs out."
  	| fileRecords result validMask |
  	<export: true>
  	<var: 'fileRecords' declareC: 'SQFile fileRecords[3]'>
  	sHFAfn ~= 0 ifTrue:
  		[(self cCode: ' ((sqInt (*)(void))sHFAfn)()' inSmalltalk: [true]) ifFalse:
  			[^interpreterProxy primitiveFailFor: PrimErrUnsupported]].
  	self cCode: '' inSmalltalk: [fileRecords := Array new: 3].
  	validMask := self sqFileStdioHandlesInto: fileRecords.
+ 	validMask < 0 ifTrue:
+ 		[^interpreterProxy primitiveFailForOSError: validMask].
- 	validMask = -1 ifTrue:
- 		[^interpreterProxy primitiveFail].
  	result := interpreterProxy instantiateClass: interpreterProxy classArray indexableSize: 3.
  	result = nil ifTrue:
  		[^interpreterProxy primitiveFailFor: PrimErrNoMemory].
  	interpreterProxy pushRemappableOop: result.
  	0 to: 2 do:
  		(validMask bitAnd: (1 << index)) ~= 0 ifTrue:
  			[result := interpreterProxy instantiateClass: interpreterProxy classByteArray indexableSize: self fileRecordSize.
  			 result = nil ifTrue:
  				[interpreterProxy popRemappableOop.
  				^interpreterProxy primitiveFailFor: PrimErrNoMemory].
  			 interpreterProxy storePointer: index ofObject: interpreterProxy topRemappableOop withValue: result.
  					[self mem: (interpreterProxy firstIndexableField: result)
  						cp: (self addressOf: (fileRecords at: index))
  						y: self fileRecordSize]
  					[(interpreterProxy firstIndexableField: result)
  						unitSize: interpreterProxy wordSize;
  						at: 0 put: (fileRecords at: index + 1)]]].
  	 "In the non-Spur threaded VM ensure the handles are old, so that sqFileReadIntoAt is unaffected
  	  by incremental GCs.  See platforms/Cross/plugins/FilePlugin/sqFilePluginBasicPrims.c.  The Spur
  	  VM uses pinning, so it doesn't need the GC."
  	self cppIf: COGMTVM
  		ifTrue: [self cppIf: SPURVM
  					ifTrue: []
  					ifFalse: [interpreterProxy fullGC]].
  	result := interpreterProxy popRemappableOop.
  	interpreterProxy methodReturnValue: result!

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