[Vm-dev] Fwd: [Pharo-dev] Pharo 7 Repeatable crash: XIO: fatal IO error 14 (Bad address) on X server ":0"

Martin McClure martin at hand2mouse.com
Fri Mar 2 19:52:56 UTC 2018

On 03/02/2018 12:49 AM, Jan Vrany wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> I'm sorry, I have no specific ideas as I don't know squeak specifics. 
> But generally speaking, when debugging X11, I ussually do
> following:
> 1) run the X client in "synchronous mode", i.e., XSynchronize(True)
> 2) trace and log requests/responses to/from an X server, I usually
>    use `xtrace`. 
> then, you should be able to pinpoint the exact request that generated
> the error. Once you know which request it is, you can make an educated
> guess what XLib function may have generated such a request. Then put a
> breakpoint in XLib and collect both C and smalltalk backtrace. 
> This makes a good start for the debugging. 
> Laborious indeed. Worked for me couple times. 
> HTH, Jan
> P.S.: Are you running by chance under XWayland? If so, watch out
> especially for  XGetImage() which does not work under XWayland.
> But I doubt this is the problem here. 

Thanks for the hints, Jan. I'm not sure when I'll have time to dig in
that deeply, but I'll try what you suggest if/when I do.

I probably *am* running under Wayland -- it's a Gentoo KDE system, and
it does seem to have the package kde-plasma/kwayland-integration
installed, along with some other Wayland-related packages, so it seems
entirely likely that the window manager, which would be the entity that
I'm interacting with in dragging the corner of the outer Pharo window,
is now written to Wayland.


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