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Thu May 3 02:20:08 UTC 2018

Build Update for OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm

Build: #1326
Status: Errored

Duration: 20 mins and 56 secs
Commit: 2a64f48 (Cog)
Author: Eliot Miranda
Message: CogVM source as per VMMaker.oscog-eem.2381

** new primitive to compare strings (slang + JIT)
answers negative smi, 0 or positive smi (instead of 1, 2 or 3 in the MiscPlugin)

Fix compiler bug with Apple LLVM version 7.0.0 (clang-700.1.76) for 64-bit Spur
segment loading where compiler bug eliminated second version check in segment
load when at -Os.  Fix is to never inline the 32-bit word byte reversal.

Fix sign extension in printOop: et al on 64-bit Spur.

FFI Plugin:
Correct a 32bit-hardcoded pointer size in FFI

Correct two copy/paste typos in num32BitUnitsOf:

Nicolas Cellier:
Note: I don't like the FFI code that I just corrected. IMO, it does the wrong

if I have an argument spec is
    MyLib>>foo: aFoo
        <cdecl: void foo(Foo *)>
where Foo is some ExternalStructure subclass
	(Foo class>>fields ^#((x 'ushort') (y 'ushort')))
and that I try to pass (MyLib new foo: Foo new), it seems to me that the
	Foo new getHandle will be (ByteArray new: 4).
What I understand from the code that I just corrected is that we are trying to
pass the contents of the ByteArray re-interpreted as a void pointer.
Scary and wrong...

If I instead pass (MyLib new foo: Foo externalNew), it seems that we don't even
bother to check if the (argSpec anyMask: FFIFlagPointer) and just force passing
the structure by value (thru a memcpy on stack). Scary and wrong...

In general, every one use <cdecl: void foo(void *)> to work around this
ill-behavior, and thus bypass type checks...

Also note that we can't even pass an ExternalData (think an Array of Foo),
because ffiArgument:Spec:Class:in: insists on having
	actualArg class inheritsFrom: argType referentClass.
ExternalData does not inherit from Foo, event if its type matches
(ExternalType structTypeNamed: #Foo). That's crazy...
Another reason while people use <cdecl: void foo(void *)>

It's high time to consider a rewrite IMO.

Add scripts to list modified and untracked files.

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