[Vm-dev] FFI Testing: Moby Confused; Halp!

ken.dickey at whidbey.com ken.dickey at whidbey.com
Tue Feb 12 22:17:01 UTC 2019


I am getting inconsistent results and could use some help.

The FFI tests pass green on aarch64 on Samsung Chromebook Plus/Linux and 

However, in Raspberry Pi 3 [ArchLinuxArm=linux/aarch64] and an old 
x86_64 Ubuntu Linux machine I get matching failures:

-  2 FFI unit tests in Cuis5.0-3589

-  Total breakage in Squeak5.2-18229-64bit

In each case I am using locally built VMs with the same code from git.

The Cuis case is interesting in that the failure cases are the same for 
aarch64 and x86_64:
  - FFIPluginTest>>#testGenericDoubleCall2
  - FFIPluginTest>>#testMixedDoublesIntAndStruct
The other test cases pass.
In each case a double result is properly returned (gdb) but I get lost 
in gcc3x_interp.c floatObjectOf() details.

The Squeak case which passes green on SChromebookPlus & LePotato has 
Monticello versions
  FFI-Kernel (eem.56)
  FFI-Tests (KenD.1 in source.squeak.org inbox; else cbc.9)
  FFI-Pools (TorstenBergmann.4)
  FFI-Unix (mtf.4)
Again these tests fail (32 errors; 1 failure) on Raspi3 and x86_64 Linux 

gcc versions:
  SChromebookPlus: 6.8.0
  x86 Ubuntu: 7.3.0
  RasPi3 ArchLinuxArm: 8.2.1

I used build.linux64x64/squeak.cog.spur/build for x86
I used build.linux64ARMv8/squeak.stack.spur/build for aarch64

Any brave souls out there?
Thanks much for any help with this,

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