[Vm-dev] [OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm] Win32 event generation mixes up timeGetTime() and GetMessageTime() (#509)

Christoph Thiede notifications at github.com
Fri Jun 12 20:29:17 UTC 2020

I'm just starting to get familiar with this repository, and I found out something interesting: On Windows, the timestamps of DND (drag and drop) events received from the VM differ by loads from the timestamps of mouse move events. For example, I recorded some event sequences where the former were circa `7140`, and the latter, just recorded a few seconds later, were `21276406`. In other cases, the difference I measured was about 57 seconds, not sure whether cause or coincidence.

Looking into `sqWin32Window.c`, this may be caused by the fact that `recordDragDropEvent()` calls `ioMicroMSecs()` which calls `timeGetTime()` from `timeapi.h` and trims the result to fit into a `SmallInteger`. On the contrary, `recordMouseEvent()`, and so `recordMouseDown()`, `recordKeyboardEvent()`, and others called from `MainWndProcW()`, use `GetMessageTime()` from `winuser.h` as time stamp which is not truncated, too.

Do we indeed need to use two different approaches, two different APIs here? This is very impractical for me as I cannot compare the timestamp of events from different sources. Would it be possible to decide for one API and one byte count? Looking forward to your feedback!

## Related sources
- Besides the SmallInteger truncation, lags between timestamps from both different APIs appear to be a known problem: [StackOverflow - Lag between GetTickCount() and timeGetTime() changes between executions of my test program](https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48813245/lag-between-gettickcount-and-timegettime-changes-between-executions-of-my-te)
- A similar issue already has been reported on the squeak-vm list here: [[squeak-vm] [win32] Morphic event timeStamp bug

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