[Vm-dev] [SQUEAKVM] SqueakSSL support code updated on squeakvm.org SVN repository

stes@PANDORA.BE stes at telenet.be
Mon Nov 16 09:54:31 UTC 2020

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For the aio patch where I replaced signal() by sigaction() it's
because I think the SIGPOLL (=SIGIO on Solaris) requires to reinstall the
handler, which signal() doesn't do on some SVR4 Unix type systems,
whereas when using POSIX sigaction() which was designed to address this,
the VM does not abort all the time on 'Pollable Event' (which indicates
SIGPOLL is not caught by a handler), so that was broken on Solaris in the past.

In Squeak5 (Git OpenSmalltalk) somebody implemented a sigaction() based system,
so for Squeak5 that was not a problem because it didn't use signal().

I checked out with subversion revision 3790 on Solaris 11.3 and it builds ok.

Following the instructions from http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6354

The following 'make' compiles both 32bit and 64bit :

$ make O=.. S=./src P=./platforms install

I can open Squeak4.6-15102.image (format 6504) with that VM and,
in the about squeak dialog :

Unix built on Nov 16 2020 10:12:41 Compiler: 5.15.0
platform sources revision 3790
VMMaker versionString 4.19.2

When I select from the menu "Update Squeak" it downloads a bunch of updates,
and then I save the (updated) image.

The SqueakMap catalog browser seems to work.

When I go to the Test Runner and select "SqueakSSL-Tests",
in the left pane I have one test SqueakSSLTest.

It seems to run 14 tests:

14 run, 14 passes, 0 expected failures, 0 failures, 0 errors, 0 unexpected passes

That's already good.  I suspect to further test Tobias Pape's SSL module
(on Solaris 11) with the updated VM I can try to connect with a "Monticello"
browser or similar that uses the new/updated SSL code.

But it seems fine.  I'll update the OpenIndiana and Solaris packages
to use subversion revision 3790 instead of revision 3775;
it definitely seems not worse than the older squeak4 VM, on the contrary.

in revision 3775 : platforms/unix/plugins/SqueakSSL/
config.cmake     sqUnixOpenSSL.c

in revisision 3790: platforms/unix/plugins/SqueakSSL/
config.cmake        sqUnixLibreSSL.inc  sqUnixSSL.c
openssl_overlay.h   sqUnixOpenSSL.inc

I had sent a few emails to Ian Piumarta but never had a reply;

I'm pretty sure back in the days 1995-1998 Ian (and maybe others) had access
to SunOS machines for early version of the Squeak VM (Unix version).

David Stes

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